Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs

So the other day we are in the car and Aaron and I have slushees. We are taking turns letting Maddox have some. Well, one time on Daddy's turn Maddox felt he was taking a bit too long so he started signing "share". At least he understands the concept!!

Tonight we were eating dessert. Maddox and Aaron shared a biscotti and I had some ice cream. Maddox insisted that I share with him, so I did of course. About 2/3 of the way through, he signed "all done". I say "Maddox, you are all done with ice cream?" He shakes his head no and points matter-of-factly at me. Apparently, I was all done and the rest was for him! :-)

One other cute moment... Maddox started associating anything from Disney's Cars movie with boo-boos after seeing the movie and the scene where they wreck. Well, tonight we were playing with his shake-em cars that you shake to make them drive. These ones have the hoods and the doors that open when they wreck. When that happened, Maddox signed boo-boo and went up to kiss the car. I think, if he was able to, he would bestow kisses on every peice of Cars merchandise too!

Here is a list of the signs that Maddox knows and uses now:
More, eat, drink, sleepy, bed, home, fish, bird, dog, kitty, horse, share, boo-boo, thirsty, hungry, cheese, cookie, ice cream, cracker, nurse, play, read, book, please, thank you, sorry, in, out, time, baby, car, bike, train, rabbit, plane, dirty, grass, ball, potty, boat, surprise, brush teeth, all done, help, mine, shoes, socks, apple, candy

Here is a list of the words he is saying:
Daddy, doggy, mommy, bite, bike, num num (nurse), bye-bye, hi, mine, ducky

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