Monday, November 10, 2008

Catching up...

It has been a LONG time! We have been so swamped with building the house, moving, getting the other house rented, and, of course, having our jobs and Maddox!!
We are moved into the new house and are starting to really feel settled. The weekend we moved, Maddox stayed with Grandma (Debbie as he calls her). He came to visit the old house during the move and seemed a bit bothered about his room being empty. He kept signing all gone and pointing to his closet. We tried to reassure him that all his stuff would be at the new house, but he still seemed concerned.
When he came to the new house finally, it took a few days to get used to it, but he seems comfortable now. One bad sign of how busy we have been... when we left the new house one day to run errands, Maddox started saying, "Eat eat eat?!!". He was convinced that since we were leaving our house, we must be going to eat. Obviously, we had to eat out a LOT when we were going through the move. Now that we are settled and are eating at home again, he seems to be going through withdrawal... yesterday he kept telling us "Eat, bye-bye". Apparently he wanted to go out to eat!
Halloween was a lot of fun. We went around to some homes in the new neighborhood with the little girl next door. She is almost 3 and super sweet. They went up to one house together, alone once we told Maddox that he would get to ring the doorbell. He rang it and ran! 2 and a half and already pranking people. Maddox dressed as Peyton Manning and we used his helmet to gather his candy... now he seems convinced that the Colts will give him candy. He signs candy every time he seems them.
Maddox seems to have picked up a new form of affection during the move... I personally think it is the long weekend with Pretty Baby (mom's dog) that did it... he now likes to lick everything! He licks us, our clothes, the couch... the floor!! It is gross and odd. We are trying to ignore it (masking our disgust when he licks the concrete) and hoping this disappears. :-)

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