Monday, June 9, 2008

Maddox is 2

Maddox turned 2 yesterday! We had a wonderful weekend! Aaron and I worked for 6 hours on a super special spidey cake!! It turned out wonderful!!
We woke up on Saturday morning to rain, thunder, and lightning. We quickly realized that our park party (even with a shelter) was not going to happen. So, we started brainstorming other locations... and Donatos to the rescue! They had their party room open and worked to get everything set up within 3 hours for us. It ended up being a GREAT party! Ironically, one of Maddox's presents from us was a fake pizza and apron (to go with the kitchen we got him), so he got to dress up for the folks working. They also put on Spidey tattoos to match Maddox! They were really great! On his actual birthday, Sunday, we went to the Children's Museum to see the new Marvel exhibit and see Spidey life-size. Maddox had so much fun!!! You can check out our photo gallery (link on left) to see more pictures.

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Tara Smith said...

Wow! You actually frosted that cake yourself?? Once more, proof that I am going to have to kill you because you wreck the curve for all us other working moms!!!