Monday, May 26, 2008

Macaroni and WHEEE's

Maddox rode his first pony and first horse this weekend. We went to Brown County state park and had hopes of taking M on a horse tour. When we got there we were disappointed that they do not allow double riding and the minimum age is 8. We were so sad, but we brightened up when we saw little Macaroni. Maddox went on a ride around the loop riding Macaroni and smiling from ear to ear. After the ride we found out about a place just outside the park that does rides. So we headed out and saddled up. First, we got to pet baby horses that were only a few weeks old. It was really neat and the mommy horses were so protective. Once it was time, Aaron and Maddox hopped on Bandit 2 and I got on Shawnee. M didn't seem too sure at first and quickly bored of us waiting for everyone to get ready. But, once we were on the trail he was having a blast. He rode barefoot and held the reigns. When we trotted he would giggle non-stop. Aaron and I were sooo happy to find a way for him to have this experience. Now, every time he sees a horse, he points and smiles.

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