Sunday, January 4, 2009

2yo reasoning

At dinner tonight M was taking pieces of bread and putting the cheese dip on them on his plate. He had run out of bread and gave me the "what now?" look. I pointed to one piece and said "Here, just put some more on this one". He looked at it, grabbed a scoop of dip, and then proceeded to grab the peice of bread and flip it over. You could see on his face that he really thought he had figured out a secret. He put the dip on it, oblivious to the glob that had fallen off the other side and very proud of himself.

He is coming up with tons of new words daily. Today he told me "acey.. acey... pay" - Gracie play. He wanted our neighbor's daughter to come play with him. "unt ack" - fruit snack. "Mama poopoo" - him after we explain that it is not nice to lie when he ask him if he has a dirty diaper. Also, now when we tell him something, or correct him, he always follows up with an acknowleding, "Oooh".

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