Monday, January 12, 2009

Sick little guy

Maddox has been very sick for the past week. It has been miserable! He woke up last Tues night (after being totally normal all day) and got sick 12 times... every 15 minutes!! It was awful to see! He didn't understand what was happening to him and obviously felt horrible. For the next week he would be lethargic and cuddly almost the whole time. Occassionally he would show signs of improvement, but then would get sick again. We are taking him to the doctor today, and of course he seems GREATLY improved now. But, with the way this has been going, if we don't take him, he will get sick again tonight.
I had fears that as soon as he totally weaned he would get sick and I would feel guilty... and sure enough! I have hated not having the breastmilk as a fall back. He has never been sick like this (most he has had was head stuff), but I still liked knowing that he was getting something that was easily digested, safe, and full of everything he needed. This time, I have been so nervous about dehydration, him not eating, etc. This was bound to happen eventually, whenever he did decide to wean, but I hate that my worries came true. For the most part he hasn't asked to nurse at all, until last night. He asked and cried. I couldn't even give in because it has been so long now. I felt bad for that, but held him extra tight and he finally stopped crying.
So, it has been a VERY long week. I am anxious to get back into the office and back to a normal routine. Now, I will be waiting for Aaron to recover too, but then we will hopefully be a healthy family again.

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McCool said...

Hope the little guy feels better soon. And no guilt allowed!