Wednesday, February 11, 2009

M speech update

Maddox was recently evaluated for his speech again and actually didn't qualify for services anymore. But they think he would still benefit so he will be continuing. He is also going to be evaluated by the school system because First Steps ends at 3 years old. If he qualifies, he could end up going to preschool 4 days a week at the elementary next door. I am actually pretty excited about that. We think it could be really great for him.

His speech does continue to improve and advance. He has been creating a version of charades recently... he doesn't say "tray", but when he wants to eat on his tray on the couch, he signs "trailer"... sounds similar, right? If he is talking about "sheriff" from the movie Cars, he will sign "share". We think it is pretty darn ingenious. He is also putting more words together in phrases. We are really proud of him and feel pretty confident that he will be caught up by kindergarten. That is our goal.

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