Saturday, February 14, 2009

M's first valentine and other fun stories

A few fun stories.... today we made M's valentine's gifts. When we were done, we took one with a few cupcakes next door to give to his special valentine, Gracie. She answered the door and he handed her the treats. She quietly took them and turned and walked away. Her daddy encouraged her to say thank you, which she politely did and then her mommy encouraged her to give him a hug. This, of course, made M turn and run. He does hug her on occasion, but only after a few hours of warming up. It was really cute to watch!!

Earlier in the day we had been getting ready and lost daddy... again. So, I am calling out "Aaron". Next thing I know, M is following me calling "Aa-on". too cute.

We had a great evening together and watched Lady and the Tramp. After the movie, M wanted me to read a book. I told him I couldn't cause I didn't have a light (we had the house in total darkness for the movie). Without missing a beat, he got up, climbed up on the mantle, and switched on the light... looked at me and said "Book!!".

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