Monday, April 21, 2008

Maddox Gold, that's spelled E-V-E-L K-N-I-E-V-E-L

I will put this out there now... all these thoughts together at once will make it seem that Aaron and I are blind, unobservant, unfit parents... unless you know Maddox.

It started with his birth when he pushed off my ribs and flew out so fast the doctor almost dropped him... no seriously!! LOOK! --->

Ever since, he has been determined to outdo, outrun, outclimb, and outmanuever everyone and everything. He rolled over on his own at 5 weeks!

Well, as he toddled his way through this second year, there has been no shortage of moments of pure fear for Aaron and I. There was the time he climbed on the table behind the couch and stood there 3 feet in the air... at 14 months old!! The tumble down the stairs because he refused to let daddy leave him behind. Oh, the barrel roll on the Rocket Rider (though I totally blame that one on Aaron). He has fallen off the back of the couch, into table legs, off the tub, off the bed, down the stairs, off the porch... you name it, he has been there, face first.

The most recent event tops them all though. He is a true daredevil and loves the adrenaline rush... (a very slow heart attack starts now for me and doesn't end until he is about 40...) We were at a new park with our play group and there was a very tall, steep slide. Of course, he wanted to try it out. He climbed all the way up and down he went. It was so steep that, towards the bottom, he would come away from it a bit and slam somewhat at the bottom. HE LOVED IT! He did it about 5-6 times before he grew bored. Later, as we were leaving, he asked to go again. So, up he went. Once at the top, he put his hands out in his "Catch Me" stance. I quickly told him "NO you have to sit on your bottom" but it was too late. He fell face first down the slide and I had to catch him halfway. My heart was out of my chest!! But not a single tear from him! I couldn't believe it. We noticed later that he had a "war wound"- a large scrape on his elbow.

I can't let myself think of the awful crazy things he is going to get himself into in the future... it is just too terrifying. Do you think I would be frowned upon if I sent him to preschool with pillows duct taped to him?

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