Sunday, April 20, 2008

Maddox's Creativity Flourishes

Maddox is quite the creative spirit lately. He has been exploring his new-found power of creation with "cooking". He pretends to cook with anything he can get his hands on and recently started experimenting at dinner time. His favorite is to doctor-up his favorite food, gaucamole. He will add fresh squeezed lime or lemon, salsa, anything we will give him and mix it all together. There was also the tortilla chip-ceasar chicken-sour cream creation... oh and the berry juice-onion strip-shrimp dip...
Recently, his creativity has been showing in his attire. A while ago he insisted on only leaving the house if he could be dressed as a pirate. And yesterday he paired his spiderman wristband with his toolbelt-turned-headband. This is all of course when we can get him to keep his clothes on at all!

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