Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's not easy being me

As you can imagine, after this LONG winter, we were VERY eager to get outside and get active. We have been going on bike rides nearly every day and have been thrilled to find that Maddox is very happy to ride in his trailer. We had assumed that he would hate it since he now hates to be strapped into anything. But instead of protesting, he runs to the trailer and tries to climb right in. He asks to go all the time with a look on his face that is hard to resist. Once he is in the trailer, he insists that he take his shoes off so that he can put his feet up on the mesh and feel the air on his toes. If I could read his mind, this is what I imagine him thinking/saying:
"Mommy, Daddy... I have had a most difficult day. I could really use a little ride around the neighborhood. I am very tired and need some "me" time. Could you please hop on your bike and I will sit back here and put my feet up and take a little breather? Thanks, I really do appreciate it. Now, let's get going!"
Maybe it is the wind in his hair and toes, or the "extreme" biking daddy does with him on occassion, but whatever it is, we are happy to be out of the house and on the move with a very happy Maddox.

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