Thursday, May 1, 2008

Growing so fast

This isn't a profound or funny post... I just need to brag on my little guy. We have had Maddox in swim classes since he was 9 months old. The baby class was more playtime than anything and, after a year, it was obvious to us he was bored. So, we tried him out in the next level class, Super Swimmer 1, which is an actual swimming class. He is soo young for it, but he did pretty well. There was a lot of new stuff for him and the first 2 classes had some rough moments. Today was different though. He was very eager to try new things and push himself! He sat on the steps with the other kids and listened well. It was amazing. He still fussed a bit on the back floats, but he has come SOO far! My little guy is learning to swim! I am so proud of him, more because he is trying new things and pushing his comfort levels. That is a great thing to learn at ANY age. We will continue to move at his pace of course, but this is very exciting to watch!

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